The EggTagg Company is a small, Pennsylvania-based LLC committed to making quality products that look good and feel good to wear. 

​To stay true to the nature of the egg, EggTaggs are made using quality materials that are safe, natural and durable. Our products are finished by hand in the USA and packaged in materials that are both recycled and recyclable. 

We want you to wear your EggTagg with pride!

White oval decals came into use in Europe in the early 20th century when car owners were required to display the decals on bumpers to show their car's country of origin. Later, it became popular for Americans to put similar decals on their car bumpers to indicate favorite beach destinations such as LBI or OBX. 


Today, the iconic symbol can be used anytime you want to express your support for almost anything--places, organization, even concepts. EggTaggs show the world what you care about!



EggTagg bumpersticker.png